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Best Tents for a family of 6

Which 6-person family camping tent would be best for the upcoming season? There is no possible way to create a singular ranking list because many sorts cannot be compared, especially in this 6-person size range where there are so many diverse types of tents.

If you browse our website, you would come to see that this particular collection of 6-person family camping tents features a wide range of incredibly diverse designs. Let’s have a look:

1- Family tent by Coleman Valdes Deluxe 6 XL Air BlackOut

This tent has a floor area of 244.3 feet (22.7 meters) and a fully enclosed porch that adds 75.3 feet (7 meters) to its size. These figures also place it on my list of extra-large family camping tents.

tent for families

It has four rooms, but the porch is an additional room without a floor. Inflatable beams support the tent, a three-season tunnel-type construction with solid windows.

This is a tremendous dark-rest tent because the inside tents are made of a very dark material. The tent features several vents and is tall. It weighs 84.7 lbs (38.4 kg), a significant amount.

2- Crua Loj 6-Person Waterproof Thermal Insulated Family Tent

The inside space of this fantastic tunnel-shaped tent is at least 235 square feet (22 square meters), and the porch is included in the total protected area, which is 300 square feet (28 square meters). 

family tent

The tent is insulated and has a particular inside cocoon area with room for 6 people. The porch and vestibule in front of the tent are noted, and you also have a sizable sitting area that is entirely floored.

This impressively waterproof 3-room tent is made of breathable fabrics and is highly rated. Because of its distinctive inner room, which is also soundproof, I included it in my book about dark rest tents. 

This tent provides complete shelter year-round and functions equally well for summer and cold-weather camping.

Main specifications


  • A total of 300 feet2 (28 m2) are protected.

  • Enormous comfort and size.

  • 3-room tent plus porch with awning and vestibule.

  • Three exterior doors.

  • Steel structure only.

  • R-value 4, thermally insulated.

  • Gloomy rest area.

  • All materials are breathable.

  • On-demand, seven vents.

  • A footprint is also.

3- Inflatable tunnel tent by Outwell Hartsdale 6PA Prime Air for 6 people in 3 rooms

The flooring surface of this magnificent tent is 220.3 ft2 (20.46 m2), divided into 3 rooms, plus a porch with an area of 37.7 ft2 (3.5 m2) that is visible in the image. 

So, this is a six-person camping castle. Of course, it can support many more people, but this is its stated capacity.

This tent is a member of the group of dark-rest tents since the interior spaces were constructed using a dark material. This tent is likewise inflatable, and since air beams are used instead of traditional poles, it is on my list of the top inflatable tents.

There are two exterior doors in addition to interior doors with magnetic closure. Also, please take note of the fact that it has solidly tinted windows. The tent measures 18.5 × 17.4 ft (565 x 530 cm) and weighs 63.3 lb (28.7 kg).

4- 6 Person Zempire Aerodome II Pro Tent

The tent has a capacity for six people, although it is divided into four rooms and a porch, with an interior floor area of 220 square feet (20.4 square meters). The patio adds 8 m2 (90.4 ft2). For this reason, I’ve listed it among the extra-large family camping tents. The maximum height is 90.6 inches (230 cm), and you can see from the picture that it is exceptionally tall.

It has three doors, but the one on the front of it can be opened in many different ways. Thus, it is likely to have four or five doors. 

It is made of a remarkably durable fabric with a high waterproof rating, as is customary for their Pro series. The windows are tinted, and the ventilation is fantastic

5- 600 Vango Purbeck Tent

Imagine how astonishing this is when considering that the Vango Purbeck Tent 600 has 5 rooms and an official capacity of 6 people. It has 208.6 square feet (19.38 square meters) of floor space and 70 square feet (6.5 square meters) of space beneath the porch. It is on my list of extra-large family camping tents because of this.


The tent has six plus two sturdy windows. There are two external doors and four inside doors. This tunnel tent has a high waterproof rating and is appropriate practically year-round. The mass is 22.5 kg or 49.6 lb.

6- Family tent Hi-Gear Hampton 6 Nightfall

This tent’s interior space is 202 feet squared (18.8 m2), and the porch adds another 41 feet squared (3.8 m2). 

Two bedrooms are located in the inner tent of this three-room building, which also has a sizable living space. Additionally, a porch may be seen in the image

It is very tall and has sizable solid panoramic windows. There are two doors on the side and one beneath the porch.

 Additionally, there is an E-cable port, and the tent has good ventilation. The overall size is 19.5 x 12.47 ft (595 × 380 cm), and the weight is 56.4 lb (25.6 kg).

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